Geosoft's Data Analysis & Reporting for Geotab

Data Analysis & Reporting: Delivering advanced analytics and tailored reports to illuminate fleet performance and spotlight inefficiencies.

Unearth Hidden Insights with Advanced Analytics Illuminate Fleet Performance & Drive Efficiency.

Transform raw Geotab data into actionable insights with Geosoft's Data Analysis & Reporting. Our advanced analytics tools and custom reports are designed to give you a comprehensive view of your fleet's performance, revealing inefficiencies and highlighting areas of improvement.


  1. Deep Dive Analytics: Go beyond the basics. Delve into granular data to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.
  2. Tailored Reports: Get reports designed around your specific needs, ensuring you receive insights that matter most to your operations.
  3. Predictive Analysis: Use historical data to forecast future trends and potential challenges.
  4. Interactive Dashboards: Easily visualize data with intuitive and interactive dashboards.


  1. Drive Efficiency: Identify inefficiencies in your operations and take steps to streamline processes.
  2. Informed Decision Making: Rely on accurate data to make strategic decisions that foster growth.
  3. Stay Ahead: Use predictive analytics to foresee challenges and stay a step ahead in your fleet management efforts.

Analytics Coverage

  1. Vehicle Performance: Fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, and operational status.
  2. Driver Behavior: Insights into speeding, idling, harsh braking, and more.
  3. Operational Insights: Route optimization, asset utilization, and time management.

Embark on a Data-driven Journey
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