Geosoft's Real-time Alerts & Notifications for Geotab

Real-time Alerts & Notifications: Tailored alert systems to monitor speeding, idling, and unauthorized vehicular activities.

Stay Informed. Act Instantly. Tailored Alerts for Efficient Fleet Management.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet operations with Geosoft's Real-time Alerts & Notifications for Geotab. Ensure safety, efficiency, and security with instant notifications tailored to your specific needs.


  1. Speeding Alerts: Immediate notifications when a vehicle exceeds set speed limits, ensuring driver safety and compliance.
  2. Idling Monitoring: Get alerted the moment a vehicle idles beyond a preset duration, facilitating swift intervention.
  3. Unauthorized Activity Detection: Instantly be informed of any unauthorized vehicular movements or activities.
  4. Customization Options: Personalize the alert thresholds and notification channels based on your unique operational needs.


  1. Safety Reinforced: Reduce potential road mishaps by keeping a strict tab on speeding.
  2. Operational Cost Savings: Minimize fuel wastage and vehicle wear and tear by promptly addressing idling.
  3. Enhanced Security: Guard against potential security breaches with instant unauthorized activity alerts.

Alerts & Notifications Highlights

  1. Multi-channel Notifications: Receive alerts via SMS, email, or in-app notifications, ensuring you never miss a crucial event.
  2. Historical Data Access: View past alerts and notifications for insights and analysis.
  3. Silent Hours Setting: Customize notification timings to avoid disturbances during non-operational hours.

Never Be In The Dark Again
Elevate your fleet management approach with real-time insights and actionable alerts. Customize Your Alert Preferences or Learn More About Notification Channels and stay ahead of the curve.


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