Geosoft's Geofencing & Location-based Services for Geotab

Geofencing & Location-based Services: Bespoke geofencing solutions to vigilantly monitor vehicles transitioning predefined zones.

Boundaries Defined Digitally. Management Redefined. Precision Monitoring with Bespoke Geofencing.

Redefine how you manage and monitor your fleet with Geosoft's Geofencing & Location-based Services for Geotab. Experience unparalleled precision and control as vehicles transition through predefined zones, tailored to your business needs.


  1. Dynamic Geofence Creation: Easily set up, modify, or remove virtual perimeters tailored to specific operational needs.
  2. Instant Transition Alerts: Be promptly informed when vehicles enter or exit the defined zones.
  3. Historical Transition Data: Access logs of past geofence transitions for deeper insights and analytics.
  4. Custom Notification Channels: Choose how you want to receive geofence transition alerts, be it SMS, email, or in-app notifications.


  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Ensure vehicles stick to predefined routes and zones, optimizing time and fuel.
  2. Boosted Security: Instantly detect any unauthorized entry or exit from sensitive areas.
  3. Improved Resource Coordination: Precisely manage pick-ups, deliveries, and services as vehicles enter specific zones.

Geofencing Highlights

  1. Flexible Geofence Sizes: From large zones like cities or districts to specific locations like warehouses or service centers.
  2. Interactive Geofence Maps: Visually manage and monitor your geofences with an intuitive map interface.
  3. Integration with Other Services: Seamlessly merge geofencing data with other tools and platforms for holistic fleet management.

Precision in Every Transition
Step into the future of fleet management with Geosoft's Geofencing & Location-based Services. Set Up Your Geofence Today or Discover More About Our Location-based Solutions for meticulous, real-time fleet monitoring.


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